My 2017 Goals



  1. I lead the marketing department at Organifi
  2. Organifi reaches $8 million revenue in one month
  3. I participate in at least 4 marketing conferences
  4. I blog at least once a week on
  5. I host a weekly Facebook Live on Amy Jo Beaver Facebook page by January 15th
  6. I create my 3-Day Reset program by February 2017


Health & Fitness:

  1. I easily cut sugar from my diet for the month of January
  2. I easily complete Jesse Itzler’s #2017ofEverything in January
  3. I easily complete the Wim Hof 20-Day Shower Challenge in January
  4. I attend at least 4 classes a week at Performance360 and join Club Forged in October
  5. I complete a one-week trial at CorePowerYoga by February 15th
  6. I drink Organifi twice a day

Travel, Lifestyle, & Personal Development

  1. I state my morning affirmations daily
  2. I complete ALA (Ascension Leadership Academy) by February 2017
  3. I travel to…
  4. I do a photoshoot for fun
  5. I have the abundance of time and money to get weekly mani/pedis
  6. I have the abundance of time and money to get a monthly massage and wax

Social & Relationship:

  1. I host one dinner party or social get-together at my house per month
  2. I have a weekly date night and meet my KING
  3. I visit home (Atlanta) at least twice
  4. I talk to my parents and siblings weekly



  1. I volunteer with a non-profit in San Diego (Girls on the Run)
  2. I volunteer on a project internationally (Mike Sherbakov?)



  1. I earn $150,000 in 2017
  2. I pay off my credit card by July 2017
  3. I max my Roth IRA by April 2017
  4. I contribute $60,000 to savings by December 2017